Poachers Who Killed Helicopter Pilot In Tanzania Arrested

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After a weeklong manhunt and house-to-house searches in villages surrounding the Maswa Game Reserve near the Serengeti in Northern Tanzania, nine people were arrested in connection with the death of helicopter pilot Roger Gower. The country’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit teamed up with police and local authorities to find the killers. READ MORE

A Great Divide Between Poachers and Ethical Hunting the Media Will Not Talk About

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Transforming devastated habitat through sustainable and ethical hunting in Mozambique

Hunting and conservation are words often described in the media as an oxymoron. Many articles circulating around the world describe the activities of legal hunters and then launch into the devastation to wildlife caused by poachers. READ MORE

News from and about Africa

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African Elephant Range States

Since February 2014 an Africa-wide elephant census sponsored by Microsoft billionaire Paul G. Allan is under way. 90 researchers made aerial surveys in 18 elephant range countries. Field work is nearly complete and results will be available soon. According to National Geographic the preliminary findings so far have revealed good and bad news for African elephants. READ MORE

A Special Buffalo Hunt in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

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Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and the Southern African Wildlife College have a close working relationship. The SAWC’s Bathawk regularly flies rhino monitoring patrols for the Klaserie. To pay for this service, the Klaserie PNR donates to the SAWC, a buffalo hunt which this department then sells on for best advantage.READ MORE