A Film Everybody Should Watch: A Conservationist’s Cry

November 2016 - Volume 14-4 & 5

A Film Everybody Should Watch: A Conservationist’s Cry


A brilliant documentary on the absolute importance of hunting. A must see for anyone who takes wildlife conservation seriously.

“A Conservationist’s Cry” was produced by the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA). The group of generous supporters comprised several organizations and private citizens. This film is a necessary action by dedicated hunter-conservationists to educate the world on what really happens if hunting is stopped.

The true effect of the ban on hunting to Africa’s’ wildlife is a paradox many have chosen to ignore for a variety of reasons. African Indaba hopes that sharing this video will go a long way to assist people realize their best (or worst) intentions may mean Africa wild spaces and Africa’s wildlife as we know it will disappear within a generation.

This 17 minute film tackles important issues, around hunting in general and safari hunting in Africa in particular. You are hearing it directly from those people whose lives are forever being changed due to ill-advised game and hunting laws, airline bans, stricter domestic measures on international CITES regulations, and so on. You’ll even meet two brothers who resorted to poaching to feed their families. You need to listen to their father’s lament.

The video was also distributed to thousands of CITES delegates during the last Conference of the Parties in Johannesburg this past September.

Support this call for showing the truth about hunting bans in rural Africa, and the rest of the world. Unless more people choose to highlight the effects of the hunting ban then we may lose some of the most amazing wilderness on the planet, along with their most special species they support. Please share this as widely as you can.

The objective of reviewing and posting it here is to give every reader of African Indaba – all 19,000 of them – the chance to share and distribute the YouTube link to the movie as far and wide as possible. Please contact PHASA if anyone would like a version to put on your own YouTube.

I checked the link on the PHASA Website, when writing this article – there were 29,492 views with 212 LIKES and 4 DISLIKES (this shows that the film has not reached the broad audience we need).
Far too small a number – on the viewer side and on the LIKE side – and it’s in your hands to change these figures.