A Watering Hole And Restaurant For Visiting Hunters

June 2016 - Volume 14-3

A Watering Hole And Restaurant For Visiting Hunters


Just before finishing this issue I had a most delightful lunch with friends at the newly opened Wombles Steakhouse, a colonial style restaurant & bar lounge in Johannesburg’s Hobart Shopping Center in Bryanston (less than 15 minutes drive by Uber from the hotel clusters in Sandton).

Wombles used to be located in Parktown North in a charming old home. Now their new restaurant in is a retreat which will take you back to a by-gone era where you are welcomed into an African colonial home with an attentive service by dedicated staff.

Executive Chef Nesberth Nhambura prepares prime cuts of South African beef and venison like kudu and springbok with utmost expertise. For the visiting hunter it is an absolute must to dine in this superb venue, decorated with a range of shoulder and skull mounts, antique Africa maps and photos from bygone times. There’s also a place for a good cigar after dinner! Check the Wombles website at http://www.wombles.co.za/