CIC U.S. Delegation Grows Exponentially In 2016

January 2017 - Volume 15 - 1

CIC U.S. Delegation Grows Exponentially In 2016


The year 2016 was a year of exponential growth for the U.S. Delegation of the International Council for Game & Wildlife Conservation (CIC). CIC is a globally respected hunter-conservation organization dedicated to promoting sustainable hunting to conserve wildlife and wild lands, support communities, and preserve the hunting heritage across the globe. CIC’s unique membership structure includes nation states, corporations, and individuals. The CIC U.S. Delegation is a 501(c)(3) organization with an independent board and officers and is an affiliate of the CIC headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

Now counting over 80 members, the U.S. delegation membership includes leaders from Boone & Crockett Club, Safari Club International, National Rifle Association, NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum, Dallas Safari Club, Shikar Safari Club International, National Deer Alliance, Quality Deer Management Association, Wild Sheep Foundation, Weatherby Foundation, Bear Trust International, International Order of St. Hubertus, Masters of Foxhounds Association, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Roosevelt Wild Life Station, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation  and The Campfire Club of America, as well as experts from several American universities

Rick Capozza, President of the U.S. Delegation of the CIC commented on this positive development: “American hunters and hunting conservation organizations do the most to promote hunting based on sustainable wildlife management systems that benefit local communities and indigenous peoples in several African, Asian and other overseas nations. A collective voice of U.S. hunters and hunting organizations is a powerful force for sustainable wildlife use around the globe. The U.S. Delegation of the CIC is dedicated to facilitate and promote the collective voice of American hunters globally.”

SCI President-elect Paul Babaz has been named to the board of directors of the U.S. Delegation. Babaz stated in a SCI Press Release that he is looking forward to leveraging the strength of SCI’s membership in his new role. “The overall contribution of hunting tourism in eight African nations is an estimated $426 million annually. More than 18,000 hunter tourists visit Africa every year. SCI and CIC are committed to work with all public and private stakeholders to improve and preserve hunting as a wildlife management tool in Africa and across the globe,” Babaz said.

Nick Pinizzotto, President and CEO of the National Deer Alliance (NDA), also expressed satisfaction in a NDA Press Release and stated that “it is an honor to be [part of] the CIC, and I look forward to doing my share to help the organization achieve its goals. Deer are by far the most popular game animal pursued in North America, and [NDA] looks forward to providing that perspective as it relates to the overall work of the Council.”