Diana-Airguns Support CIC Anti Poaching Project

April 2016 - Volume 14-2

Diana-Airguns Support CIC Anti Poaching Project


At the occasion of its 125th anniversary Diana Airguns of Germany have produced a lavishly engraved model, called “THE ONE AND ONLY“, which was auctioned off, and found a fan and collector at 10,000 Euro.

This amount will assist training game wardens as drivers and car-mechanics in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. This park was particularly affected by poaching and its elephant population has fallen in recent years, from 70,000 to 15,000 now. At the IWA Outdoors Classic in Nuremberg Wiebke Utsch of the Blaser Group, and Diana’s CEO, Michael Swoboda, handed over the check to the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) represented by Dr. Rolf Baldus. Since CIC’s Global Summit „Hunters United Against Wildlife Crime“ at the General Assembly in Milano in 2014 the organization has supported anti-poaching in the Selous and the Tanzanian Wildlife Authority. Tanzania is a state member of CIC. Fortunately the steep decline of elephants could be halted meanwhile.