Fiona Capstick Receives CIC Gold Medal

November 2016 - Volume 14-4 & 5

Fiona Capstick Receives CIC Gold Medal


Fiona Claire Capstick is not only a prolific author and past recipient of the CIC Literary Award for her masterwork “The Diana Files – The Huntress-Traveler Through History” published in 2005 (ISBN: 978-0-9584590-4-4) but also the sponsor of the Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award of the Dallas Safari Club. This award, named after well-known American author Peter Capstick, was first announced in 2004. It honors and recognizes an individual, organization or group whose achievements reveal a sustained and significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat as well as long-term commitment to our hunting heritage. Several  individual and association members of the CIC have already received the coveted Capstick Award. In January 2016 the CIC International Council of Game and Wildlife Conservation, represented by President Bernard Lozé, was honored and received the bronze statue in front of thousands of DSC members at the DSC Convention Gala Dinner.

In appreciation for her unwavering support for sustainable and ethical hunting and her highly readable literary exploits of the global role of women in hunting and conservation, the CIC Executive Committee recognized Fiona Claire Capstick with the CIC Gold Medal during the 63rd General Assembly in Brussels in April 2016. Gerhard Damm, president of the CIC Applied Science Division, and his wife Conny presented Fiona with the medal and award certificate at Fiona’s home in Pretoria, South Africa in June on behalf of the CIC Executive Committee.