New Additions to the Conservation Frontlines Library November 2020

American Wildlife Conservation Partners 2020 Wildlife for the 21st Century Vol. VI Conservation & Wildlife Management, Sustainable Use
Arnett Ed 2020 Making Sense of Sage Grouse Population Reports Species Assessment
Arnett Ed 2019 Forest Service Unveils Final Changes to Sage Grouse Conservation Plans Species Assessment
CBC News 2020 Tahltan Nation urges members to hunt bears, wolves in northern B.C. Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Chapman LA & White PCL 2020 The future of private rhino ownership in South Africa Conservation & Wildlife Management
Clayon John (Mountain Journal) 2020 When White People Stopped Indigenous Elk Hunts In Jackson Hole Rural Communities
Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management 2020 The COVID-19 challenge: Zoonotic diseases and wildlife. Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management’s four guiding principles to reduce risk from zoonotic diseases and build more collaborative approaches in human health and wildlife management. Sustainable Use, Wildlife Diseases
Conservationists for Climate Solutions 2020 Sportsmen & Sportswomen Climate Statement July 2020 Conservation & Wildlife Management
Gail Thomson (Potgieter) 2020 Conserving lions in the heart of KAZA – The Kwando Carnivore Project Species Assessment
Godoy Eric S 2020 Sympathy for Cecil: gender, trophy hunting, and the western environmental imaginary Rural Communities, Sustainable Use, Social Media Impact
Grobler JJ & Mearns K 2020 Water management in the wildlife lodge industry: A southern African perspective Sustainable Use
Jone Jonathan (The Guardian) 2020 Arctic review – stark eco warnings from the ice-braving hunters who battled whales Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts, Rural Communities
Kanstrup Niels & Thomas Vernon G 2020 Transitioning to lead-free ammunition use in hunting: socio-economic and regulatory considerations for the European Union and other jurisdictions Wildlife Diseases
Kasaona John K 2020 From Poacher’s Son to Conservation Leader. Defending Namibia’s Community Conservation Story Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Manfredo MJ, Urquiza-Hass EG et al. 2020 How anthropomorphism is changing the social context of modern wildlife conservation Conservation & Wildlife Management
McInturff Alex et al. 2020 Fence Ecology: Frameworks for Understanding the Ecological Effects of Fences Conservation & Wildlife Management
Miller Christopher (NYT) 2020 A 30-Mile Canoe Trip Through Alaska’s Tingass National Forest Conservation & Wildlife Management
Moneron S, Armstrong A & Newton D (TRAFFIC) 2020 The People Beyond the Poaching Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Nicole Wendee 2020 In the face of a global pandemic, how can conservation efforts reduce the chance that poaching will spread disease? Wildlife Diseases
Ntuli H, Muchapondwa H & Okumube B 2020 Can local communities afford full control over wildlife conservation? The case of Zimbabwe Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Ochieng A, Visseren-Hamakers IJ & Van Der Duim R 2020 Killing Nature to Save it? The Impacts of Sport Hunting in Uganda Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Paul Shrutarshi et al. 2020 Assessment of endemic northern swamp deer (Rucervus duvaucelii duvaucelii) distribution and identification of priority conservation areas through modeling and field surveys across north India Species Assessment
Regan Shawn & Watkins Tate (PERC) 2020 A Different Shade of Green: Markets and property rights are working to solve a variety of environmental problems Conservation & Wildlife Management
Shereni NC & Saarinen J 2020 Community perceptions on the benefits and challenges of community-based natural resources management in Zimbabwe Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Simmons Matt 2020 Tahltan president explains why his nation is paying members to hunt bears and wolves in northwest B.C. Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Stacey Stowe (Vanity Fair) 2020 The Legend of Peter Beard Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts, Species Assessment
Tchakatumba PK, Gandiwa E, Mwakiwa E, Clegg B & Nyasha S 2019 Does the CAMPFIRE programme ensure economic benefits from wildlife to households in Zimbabwe? Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Ullah Inayat & Kim Dong-Young 2020 A Model of Collaborative Governance for Community-based Trophy-Hunting Programs in Developing Countries Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Van der Merwe P & Mokgalo LL 2020 Banning trophy hunting can put wildlife at risk: a case study from Botswana Conservation & Wildlife Management, Sustainable Use
Vaughan Carson 2020 How do climate change, migration and a deadly disease in sheep alter our understanding of pandemics? Wildlife Diseases
Wilkinson Todd 2019 The Marvelous Migrations of Greater Yellowstone Conservation & Wildlife Management