New Additions to the Conservation Frontlines Library June 2021

Alberts Elizabeth Claire 2021 South African dehorning initiative aims for ‘zero poached’ white rhinos Conservation & Wildlife Management
Badelt Brad 2020 Living with Sea Otters Next Door Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
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Braun Ashley 2021 Putting the Pebble Mine to Rest Conservation & Wildlife Management
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Fadakar Davoud et al. 2020 Diversification and subspecies patterning of the goitered gazelle ( Gazella subgutturosa) in Iran Species Assessment
Farhan Fiza 2021 Trophy hunting for economic growth?

Sustainable uses of natural resources is economically attractive to local communities as a long-term strategy

Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Herz Nathaniel 2020 Hungry Alaskan Bears Find a New Prey Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
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Kinser A et al. (Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung) 2021 Gamslebensräume in den Bayerischen Alpen – Bewertung der Sommer- und Winterlebensräume und Entwicklung eines GIS-Tools zur Identifikation geeigneter Ruhe- bzw. Jagdzeitaufhebungsgebiete Species Assessment
Lazarova Ivanka et al. 2021 Re-introduction of the Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) in Bulgaria – preliminary results from the ongoing establishment phase by 2020 Species Assessment
Lizcano Maria Fernanda 2021 A Colombian national park reveals its natural secrets through camera traps Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
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Mitchell C et al. 2021 A call for more nuanced dialogues about trophy hunting Sustainable Use, Species Assessment
Mollins Julie 2021 Forest-dwellers, global community must address tropical wildlife hunting risks: Food security, human health, species and ecosystems under threat Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Molvar Eric 2021 Redefining the Anthropocene Conservation & Wildlife Management
Paijmans Johanna LA et al. 2021 African and Asian leopards are highly differentiated at the genomic level. Species Assessment
Prinsloo Jaco 2021 Can Grazing Antelope Regenerate South Africa’s Coastal Vegetation? Conservation & Wildlife Management
Pynn Larry 2021 Trophy Hunters Could Threaten the Social Acceptability of Hunting Sustainable Use, Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts
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Sengupta S, Einhorn C & Andreoni M 2021 There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature. Indigenous People Could Lead the Way Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Stuart Ryan 2021 Fish-Friendly Gold Mines Produce “Salmon Gold” Conservation & Wildlife Management
Vayer Victoria R et al. 2021 Diverse University Students Across the United States Reveal Promising Pathways to Hunter Recruitment and Retention Sustainable Use, Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts
Warbington CH & Boyce MS 2020 Population density of sitatunga in riverine wetland habitats Species Assessment
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Kalvelage Linus 2021 How Elephants Pay for School Fees: Wildlife Tourism in The Zambezi Region Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities, Sustainable Use
Gechev Yavor 2021 Lions, Bones and Bullets Conservation & Wildlife Management
Naidoo Robin et al. 2021 Heterogeneous consumer preferences for local community involvement in nature‐based tourism drive triple‐bottom‐line gains Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Fosburgh Whit 2021 What Hunters and Anglers Need to Know About “30 by 30” Conservation & Wildlife Management, Sustainable Use
Carr Greg 2021 Gorongosa – History informs Future Conservation & Wildlife Management
Feron Benoît & Tasnier Anne-Françoise 2021 Mundari – Cattle Culture of South Sudan Sustainable Use
LaPell David 2021 Is Hunting Becoming Too Expensive or Too Inaccessible? Sustainable Use, Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts
Kroll James C 2021 Returning to Venison: Venison remains an ecologically sound, safe source of protein. Wild Foods