New Additions to the Conservation Frontlines Library July 2021

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Soorae Pritpal S (Ed) 2021 Global conservation translocation perspectives: 2021 Conservation & Wildlife Management
Di Minin Enrico et al. 2021 A pan-African spatial assessment of human conflicts with lions and elephants Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Quimby Taylor (Outside/In) 2020 The Problem With ‘Fortress Conservation’ Conservation & Wildlife Management
Johns Louise 2021 Bringing wild bison and an endangered ecosystem back Species Assessment
Welz Adam 2021 The pandemic has undone South Africa’s National Parks Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Nuwer Rachel 2020 Africa’s Pandemic-fueled Conservation Crisis Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
McMorrow Conor  2021 As deer and seal numbers surge, is culling the answer? Conservation & Wildlife Management
Morse Ian 2021 Unregulated by U.S. at home, Facebook boosts wildlife trafficking abroad Social Media Impact
Pascual Carnicero Maria et al. 2021 Building a global taxonomy of wildlife offenses Conservation & Wildlife Management
Simmons Matt 2021 Hunters join forces with conservationists to call on B.C. to protect fish and wildlife habitat Conservation & Wildlife Management, Sustainable Use
Robbins Jim 2021 How Returning Lands to Native Tribes Is Helping Protect Nature Rural Communities
Angier Natalie  2021 What Has Four Legs, a Trunk and a Behavioral Database? Species Assessment
Drouilly Marine  2021 Ensuring a Future for Niokolo Koba’s Wildlife Conservation & Wildlife Management
African Leadership University School of Wildlife Conservation 2020 State of the Wildlife Economy in Africa-Case Study: South Africa Conservation & Wildlife Management
Miller Dena 2021 Joining forces to save the environment Conservation & Wildlife Management
Robbins Paul & Phelan Ryan  2021 To Restore Biodiversity, Embrace Biotech’s ‘Intended Consequences’ Conservation & Wildlife Management
Nijhuis Michelle 2021 The Bison and the Blackfeet. Indigenous nations are spearheading a movement to restore buffalo to the American landscape Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
Vucurevich Zack  2021 What I Learned From Talking to Non-Hunters Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts
Wuerthner George 2021 Indian Culpability in Bison Demise Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
Matthys Donald  2021 New project seeks to support development of local community conservancies Rural Communities
Green Jennah et al. 2020 African Lions and Zoonotic Diseases: Implications for Commercial Lion Farms in South Africa Species Assessment
Reese April & Selby Christina  2021 Into the Wild – North America’s rarest wolf subspecies is finally reclaiming its native territory in the Southwest Species Assessment
Elbein Asher & Killingsworth Sarah 2021 Home on the Range – Once thought to be extinct, tule elk have returned to roam across California’s Point Reyes National Seashore Species Assessment
Team Africa Geographic 2021 White-eared kob and tiang migration South Sudan Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment