Changes at the Conservation Frontlines Newsroom


Our North American editor Silvio Calabi will finally retire and take time to explore the wild and beautiful corners of the world. Silvio diligently and unselfishly assisted the Conservation Frontlines team right from the start (he probably never imagined that his generous offer to assist morphed into almost full-time job, pro-bono to boot). His decades of experience in outdoor publishing was immensely helpful in guiding the emerging Conservation Frontlines Newsroom through more than 2 years—and his editing proficiency has garnered profuse acclaim within our team and with our authors.

Thank you, Silvio, for your unselfish dedication, diligent work and sound advice. We really appreciate your contribution to shape purpose and content of the Conservation Frontlines Newsroom. Safe travels, and keep the passion!

And there will be some changes to our newsroom too:

We noted that the quarterly Ezine with around twenty articles (at times some quite lengthy ones) is taxing the attention span of readers. Therefore, we are terminating the quarterly publication of the Conservation Frontlines Ezine with this issue.

Starting in August, we will publish articles individually, on an ad hoc basis, as and when compelling conservation topics arise. Emerging and critical issues will land in your inbox whilst hot and new. Our authors (and the articles we select for re-publishing) will continue providing concise analysis, opinion and/or commentary.

With the new format we expect to avoid information overload, and focus our readers’ attention on a single topic for 5 to 15 minutes. As a new feature, we will create a searchable article depository (with author, article title, article synopsis, word count, read time and keywords) to give you access to all past and future articles as individual pdf.

The monthly Frontline Dispatches newsletter will continue in the known format.