New Additions to the Conservation Frontlines Library July 2021 Part 2

Springer Patrick  2021 Theodore Roosevelt and the riddle of the ‘trigger-happy’ conservationist Hunting: Fair Chase, Culture, Arts
Russell Adam  2021 Moral Motivations For Wildlife Conservation Conservation & Wildlife Management
Ghasemi Benjamin & Kyle Gerard 2021 Toward moral pathways to motivate wildlife conservation Conservation & Wildlife Management
Africa Geographic 2021 Otters of Africa Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
Berger Joel & Nguyen Minh  2020 The Large-antlered muntjac — Southeast Asia’s mystery deer Species Assessment
Cowan Carolyn  2021 Cambodia’s first giant muntjac sighting highlights key mountain habitat Species Assessment
WorldAtlas 2021 Asia’s Dhole Populations At Risk Of Extinction Species Assessment
Stoddard Ed 2021 Africans don’t cry for lions: The victims of human-wildlife conflict are more worthy of tears Conservation & Wildlife Management
Butler Rhett A 2021 Reckoning with elitism and racism in conservation: Q&A with Colleen Begg Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Louw AJ, Pienaar EF & Shrader AM 2021 The biological, social, and political complexity

of conserving oribi antelope Ourebia ourebi

in South Africa

Species Assessment
Morales Kristen 2021 Antelope’s fate shrouded by social, political forces Species Assessment
Laguardia A et al. 2021 Assessing the feasibility of density estimation methodologies for African forest elephant at large spatial scales Species Assessment
Africa Geographic 2021 White-eared kob and tiang migration South Sudan Conservation & Wildlife Management, Species Assessment
Einhorn Catrin  2021 How Do Animals Safely Cross a Highway? Take a Look. Conservation & Wildlife Management
Johnson Malcom 2021 Backcountry rodeo: scientists and Indigenous guardians net caribou from the sky Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities, Species Assessment
U.S. Departments of the Interior, Agriculture and Commerce, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality 2021 Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful Conservation & Wildlife Management
Mausch K, Harris D & Revilla Diez J 2021 Resolving tensions between global development goals and local aspirations Conservation & Wildlife Management, Rural Communities
Denker Helge 2021 Brandberg Lion Attack – A minor drama in a complex conservation landscape Rural Communities