Silvio Calabi

An Update from the Editor

The Conservation Frontlines Foundation currently publishes two monthly bulletins: Frontline Dispatches, which is e-mailed on the first of each month; and, in the middle of each month, Conservation 101. Our long-form quarterly e-zine, Conservation Frontlines, is on hiatus, but back issues are available in our archive. We are also active on social media.

Our nonprofit foundation’s purpose is to promote science-based, ethical and sustainable conservation practices and policy for wildlife and wild lands. Recognizing the growing gap between people and nature, we want to help create informed environmental advocates and voters. Presently—I’m writing in July 2022—we garner about a million views per month.

Dispatches is a digest, a roundup of conservation news from North America and around the world. Conservation 101 is a primer, an explanation of conservation terms and topics. Subscriptions to both are free.

Our enormous archive and library (of conservation articles, scientific papers and videos) is also available at no charge, whether for research, enlightenment or simply entertainment.

Our team—editors, journalists, biologists, grad students, web and social-media professionals and admin people—hails from South Africa, Maine, New York, Virginia, Montana, Arizona and California. (We learned to rely on teleconferencing well before the pandemic.) Together, we urge you to partake, participate and be pro-active. We welcome feedback from readers. We never share your email address with anyone else.