Hunting Is Conservation – Brussels 2016

The thoughts and prayers of the members of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation were with the families who lost loved ones and with the many who suffered wounds during the terrorist bombings in Brussels on March 22nd, 2016. These tragic events and other recent terrorist attacks in France, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey unite all people of good will to support the authorities of the civilized nations around the world in their relentless fight against the terrorist scourge.


Pro-Hunt Campaigning

When an anti-hunting crusade or anti-sustainable use message spreads across the web, many ordinary folks feel compelled to post their support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on within minutes. They may feel that they will be noticed if they don’t show empathy with the animals; READ MORE

Working Together For Migratory Birds And People Across Africa and Eurasia

One lesson that has been well and truly learned in nature conservation is that for policies to be really effective countries have to collaborate to address common problems. Within the UN system it is also recognized that this applies to the different Programs, Conventions and Agreements set up over the years. READ MORE