Giraffes: The Silent Extinction Of Africa’s Gentle Giants

Although widespread across the savannah, woodland and desert regions of 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, giraffe populations are increasingly fragmented and shrinking in size, and have already been lost from 7 countries. There are now estimated to be less than 100,000 individuals left – less than a quarter of the number of African elephants and a staggering 36-40% decline in 30 years.READ MORE

Africa’s Other Elephant Is Fading Fast

The Atlantic February 2017

When Richard Ruggiero first saw the gold mine from the air, he was reminded of one of Dante’s circles of hell. It In the midst of Gabon’s Minkebe National Park—a huge protected area the size of Belgium—there was “a gaping hole in the forest more than half a mile wide and long.” On the ground, the mine was a “noisy, crowded, polluted, lawless confusion”READ MORE

What’s The Environmental Impact Of Your Toast?

Mar 3, 2017 in Anthropocene

Editor’s Note: When you come across vegetarians/vegans again – here are some good arguments for a civilized dialogue

When it comes to food, few things are more universal than a loaf of bread. Wholemeal, white, or seeded, we consume billions of loaves annually, all over the world. But despite its clear culinary impact, it’s less obvious what the environmental effects are of all this carbohydrate consumption.READ MORE

News From And About Africa

African Leopard & US Fish & Wildlife Service
The deadline for comments to assist the US Fish & Wildlife Service with its decision on whether to up-list leopard to ‘Endangered’ was January 31st. It will take another year or more before a decision is rendered and action taken. READ MORE

Interesting Articles For African Indaba Readers

The important link between hunting & tourism in Namibia both working for conservation
by Dr Chris Brown, Namibian Chamber of Environment (April 2017)
I am not a hunter. Nor have I ever been. I am a vegetarian (since the age of about 11), I am part of the environmental NGO sector and I have interests in the tourism industry in Namibia. So, it might surprise you that I am a strong supporter of the hunting industry in Namibia, READ MORE

Wyss Foundation Commits $65M to African Parks

The Wyss Foundation is partnering with African Parks [currently managing ten parks in seven countries, totaling approximately six million hectares of protected areas] to safeguard more large wild landscapes in Africa from poaching and destruction,” said Hansjörg Wyss, Founder and Chairman of The Wyss Foundation.READ MORE

33rd Congress International Union Of Game Biologists IUGB And 14th Perdix Congress

Be they direct or indirect, over the short or the long term, the effects of human activities on wildlife are often difficult to assess. Once the effects of human activities are properly evaluated, one can adapt management practices to better take them into account in order to better fulfill wildlife management objectives.READ MORE