Hunters And Their Wild Harvest

Hunters And Their Wild Harvest

For most of human history, and before large-scale farming, wild game made up a large portion of mankind’s diet. Until about 10,000 years ago, domesticated animals did not exist and, throughout the preceding millennia, our ancestors had but one option to obtain essential proteins: They had to hunt wild animals. Meat from wild game provided the proteins that made us human.READ MORE

Like the Stars. As New West meets Old West, conflict is the norm. It doesn’t have to be.

The 1990 classic “Dances with Wolves” features a scene in which the main character, Lieutenant John Dunbar, played by Kevin Costner, shares a campfire with Lakota Sioux medicine man Kicking Bird, played by Graham Greene. As the wind blows through a grove of cottonwood trees, the two ponder the impending wave of emigrants. READ MORE

The Future for Hunting

The best chance to secure social acceptance for hunting lies primarily in the transparent implementation of and compliance with scientifically grounded sustainability rules, secondly in the full recognition of the role of local rural people in wildlife management, and thirdly in the behavior of hunters in the field and how they present themselves to the public. These three tenets, important as they are individually and in combination, should be adaptable and sensitive to varying local cultural, political and social contexts, and integrate local knowledge and cultural practices.READ MORE

Cheetah on the hunt. Photo Credit: Conny Damm

Protecting Hunting from the Hunters

Remember the days when it seemed that everyone smoked, everywhere, all the time? In planes, in pubs, at the game, in restaurants, at the office – I mean everyone, doing it everywhere, morning noon and night. Then somewhere, sometime, someone got a bee in their bonnet about the practice and started protesting. Low key at first, then increasingly vociferously as the medical evidence mounted and despite the best PR and lobbying efforts of some of the biggest, most cash flush companies in the world, the ripple became a swell, which became a tsunami of negative opinion and voila, the anti-smoking lobby carried the day.READ MORE