Intensive and Selective Breeding

African Indaba has reported about the apparently exclusive South African phenomenon of selective breeding for coat color variations, and the more globally spread intensive breeding for horn or antler length.

In taking up this issue once again the editors of African Indaba want to state that we of course respect the rights of landowners to manage their lands and the game thereon within the boundaries of the national laws and regulations as they see fit. READ MORE

The Future of Hunting and Manipulative Breeding

An extract from Kai-Uwe Denker’s speech on occasion of the Annual General Meeting of
Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) in November 2015 (Source NAPHA).

The Scientific Data Committee of NAPHA came to the conclusion in 2004 that the artificial breeding of color variants of wild animals should not be allowed. READ MORE

What’s in a name? The weight of words in the age of the internet

Air travel helped people move people faster, and telephone brought news from point A to point B faster than ever before. With this, the phrase “the world just got smaller” was born. Today we find ourselves enjoying, or in some cases, at the mercy of the instant access monster known as the Internet.READ MORE

Hunters Care For Wildlife

Editor’s Note: The Dallas Safari Club held its annual Convention and Sporting Expo, “Conservation” in Dallas in January. The DSC Convention unites annually policy makers, international organizations, sporting enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry representatives. READ MORE