Seasonal Wild Harvest – Stewed Venison Ossobuco with Tomatoes & Frascatelli

Rachel Owen and Wade Truong from Elevated Wild hunt, fish and forage in Virginia during the ebb and flow of seasons. This time, they describe how to turn sinewy shank meat into an amazingly tender and flavorful creation with distinct Italian roots, but applicable to game from wherever you are hunting.READ MORE

Remarks on the Opening of Squirrel Season in Virginia – A hunter’s awakenings

Stalking squirrels in the woods is the ideal way to introduce the inexperienced to the outdoors and hunting; it’s also an underrated challenge for seasoned hunters. This foundational activity has all the ingredients that make a wise hunter, and a brace of squirrels provide delicious fare for your table.READ MORE

The Elephant in the Room

African elephant extinction is not imminent, says Matthew Lewis. What is imminent are more and more African nations struggling to deal with too many elephants competing with too many people for too little space. And this may be the Elephant In The Room that no one is talking about.READ MORE

A Case for Legal Ivory Trade – ‘Ban all ivory trade, and no more deaths of these intelligent peaceful creatures due to poaching!’

Public opinion has been conditioned by campaigns from organizations more interested in animal rights and welfare than in wildlife conservation to believe that legal ivory trade threatens elephants. The global media have supported this message. Ivory trade bans have, in fact, failed to protect elephants and in reality, threaten them more than legal trade does. Daniel Stiles explains why.READ MORE

Book Review: The Last Elephants

Acknowledged African wildlife experts John Hanks and John Ledger take a critical look at Don Pinnock and Colin Bell’s The Last Elephants. Hanks concludes with “enjoy the book for its great photographs, but please read the text critically and with an open mind for alternative options”; Ledger writes “it is time for a different approach, and hiding one of Africa’s conservation success stories is not a very convincing way to win a spitting contest.”READ MORE

Trophy Hunting in the Greater Kruger Area – Can it serve broader conservation priorities?

Trophy hunting in the open system of the Greater Kruger Area is contentious and controversial, if one were to believe social media.  Yet, the wildlife economy—which includes hunting, game ranching and wildlife tourism—has the potential to re-shape South Africa’s approach to rural development and land reform. An integrated conservation approach must drive rural economic development—wildlife tourism and hunting are important parts. Greg Martindale explains why.READ MORE

New Partnership To Protect Underdog Species From Direct Threats – Four leading NGOs have joined forces through Restore Species to tackle illegal and unsustainable hunting & trade as well as poisoning of animal species worldwide.

Extinctions can be prevented when we have the right commitment. Restore Species—a cooperation between BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society, Fauna & Flora International and TRAFFIC—holds enormous, innovative potential with each of the four partners committing their extensive network of experts, community contacts and vast experience to long-term, strategic collaboration. Cressida Stevens gives details.READ MORE

Book Review: End Of The Megafauna: The Fate Of The World’s Hugest, Fiercest, And Strangest Animals

Silvio Calabi reviews Ross D.E. MacPhee’s book End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World’s Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals. For all its intellectual rigor and occasionally academic language, MacPhee’s book was written for lay people. The last chapter shows how the fossils of giant bears, mammoths and saber-toothed cats could point to astonishing future developments.READ MORE