“The Namibian Leopard: National Census & Sustainable Hunting Practices”

An overview of the Namibian leopard study—18 months of collecting, collating and analyzing data from all over the country, elaborated with the assistance of many people, institutions and organizations. Richmond-Coggan’s 184-page report gives stakeholders the factual and scientific basis for a sustainable leopard management system. READ MORE

An African Conservation Hero: Garth Owen-Smith

A brief look at the legacy of Garth Owen-Smith, a pioneer of the community conservancy movement, who died in April. His belief, passion and perseverance in conserving our natural environment and bringing communities to the forefront of conservation are obligations to us all. READ MORE

Book Review: Saving Species on Private Lands – Unlocking Incentives to Conserve Wildlife and Their Habitats

Lowell Baier and Christopher Spencer have given us a handbook of US programs, laws and regulations created to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations manage their lands for conservation. This new public-private paradigm builds on the century-old North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.READ MORE