Counting Sheep: Research pioneers promising new wildlife survey method

Researchers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the New Mexico Game and Fish Department pioneered an innovative new way to estimate animal population sizes simply, safely, and affordably, with remarkable accuracy. This will help biologists around the world to confidently apply distance sampling techniques with camera trapping to estimate the population size of any wild, unmarked animal.


Conservation versus profit: South Africa’s ‘unique’ game offer a sobering lesson

Professor Hart’s 2017 article on conservation controversies is as relevant today as it was back then. Be it in connection with the recent wildlife policy initiatives of the South African government, the integration of rural communities into wildlife policy and management, and the formation of conservation alliances (see Conservation Frontline Editor-in-Chief’s opinion piece “Let’s Forge Conservation Coalitions“).


An Open Letter by the African Professional Hunters’ Association

In response to several countries discussing trophy import bans, the African Professional Hunters Association addresses this open letter to the legislators and politicians in the Global North who—with their legislative power—will be deciding the fate of Africa’s wild lands and the continent’s rich wildlife.