63rd General Assembly Of The CIC Affirms “Hunting Is Conservation”

Hunting is Conservation. So, what if we stopped hunting? That was the affirmation made and the question posed at the 63rd General Assembly of the International Council for Game a Wildlife Conservation (CIC) held in Brussels, Belgium, this past April 22 More than 400 people from 36 countries around the world came to participate in the discussions centered on the CIC’s affirmation that “Hunting is Conservation.” READ MORE

Can There Be Sustainable Lion Hunting In Africa?

By now the arguments for both sides are well known. Trophy hunting provides important revenue for African landowners, and without that income, they might be persuaded to convert land currently managed for wildlife into farms and mines. Sacrificing a few older, non-reproductive lions—it is argued—allows the entire ecosystem to be preserved. READ MORE

Facts Show Hunting Is Conservation At NYC Debate

So do hunters really conserve wildlife? For decades that question has been at the core of the clash between anti-hunting groups and conservation organizations that promote hunting, and was put forth in a debate on Wed., May 4, 2016. Field & Stream Editor Anthony Licata and Catherine Semcer of H.O.P.E. (Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants) argued for the motion; READ MORE

Will Keeping The Rhino Horn Trade Illegal Kill More Rhinos?

Many conservationists are lauding South Africa’s recent decision not to propose the reintroduction of trade in rhino horn, citing concerns that legitimizing it could reignite consumer demand. Other conservationists, however, fear that keeping the ban in place will paradoxically lead to an increase in the killing of rhinos throughout Africa. READ MORE

Sporthunting In Africa Is Not The Enemy Of Biodiversity

“Passionate debate about sport hunting was unleashed in Europe and in the United States in the wake of the Cecil the Lion debacle in Zimbabwe during August 2015.” Since the beginning of this year, there is fresh debate between environmental associations and hunting organizations. A written statement by European Deputies was made, calling for a ban on importation into the European Union of all hunting trophies. This project attracted 20% of the requisite signatures.READ MORE