Hunting Expressed in Music: And both captured on video

The DVD “La Chasse-Die Jagd / Paris-Wien” is a live recording of the acclaimed New Year’s Concert 2013 of the Bläserphilharmonie Mozarteum Salzburg under its principal conductor, Hansjörg Angerer, from the Grosses Festspielhaus in Salzburg, Austria:

“Thematically and musically, everything revolves around la chasse—the hunt. Since time immemorial, Humankind has hunted not only wild animals, but also happiness, recognition and love. All these different forms of hunting can be expressed in music, as can the art of hunting itself. This is associated with the sound of horns, especially the parforce horn [a “field” version of the French horn], whose warm and festive sound warms the heart of not only the huntsman.

“Many great composers introduced hunting music into their works, evoking incomparable moods of nature, the forest and hunting. Typical court hunting music played on the historical parforce horn is presented here, as well as light music from the 19th Century.”

The bonus film to this concert, “Huntsman’s Sound,” is a visual and personal exploration of the relationship between hunting (chamois with single-shot stalking rifles), the countryside and Humankind. A sample is available here. It was filmed in the sweeping vistas and high crags of the Austrian Alps, in the Lungötz area of the state of Salzburg, with musical excerpts and a historical and philosophical analysis. Participants include Dieter Schramm, Hansjörg Angerer and Konrad Paul Liessmann.

The 133-minute recording, on DVD and with English subtitles, can be ordered online for €26.99, about $33, plus shipping.

Silvio Calabi is Conservation Frontlines’ North American Editor. 

Banner image: Hansjörg Angerer, hornist and conductor of the Bläserphilharmonie Mozarteum Salzburg, plays the parforce horn (from the film).

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