Conservation versus profit: South Africa’s ‘unique’ game offer a sobering lesson

Professor Hart’s 2017 article on conservation controversies is as relevant today as it was back then. Be it in connection with the recent wildlife policy initiatives of the South African government, the integration of rural communities into wildlife policy and management, and the formation of conservation alliances (see Conservation Frontline Editor-in-Chief’s opinion piece “Let’s Forge Conservation Coalitions“).


An Open Letter by the African Professional Hunters’ Association

In response to several countries discussing trophy import bans, the African Professional Hunters Association addresses this open letter to the legislators and politicians in the Global North who—with their legislative power—will be deciding the fate of Africa’s wild lands and the continent’s rich wildlife. 


The Truth: Conservation’s Biggest Weapon–Misinformation leads to devastating real-world impacts

Shutting down trophy hunting in Africa without viable alternatives—for income, land use, coexistence—would imperil wilderness and biodiversity and undermine local communities.READ MORE

Hunters and Wildlife Conservation in America–Will wildlife conservation survive the evolution of outdoor recreation?

Wilkinson, founder of Mountain Journal, and Sadler, its Washington, DC, correspondent, talk about the links between hunting and conservation in America and the impact of declining hunter numbers on wildlife management. Conservation Frontlines echoes MoJo’s sentiments in the introduction, below, about trophy hunting.READ MORE

The Story Behind Namibia’s Elephant Auction– Facts are important—and Namibian conservation could do with fewer critics and more supporters

The recent decision by Namibia to sell 170 elephants drew public outcry, confusion and unsubstantiated and accusatory media coverage. Instead of simply assuming the worst, consider history, facts and context. READ MORE