Faster Than The Wind

Three of Namibia’s most popular musical talents teamed up with Laurie Marker’s Cheetah Conservation Fund and Thomas Eddington’s ENDANGERED campaign for this inspirational music video. Filmed at the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s cheetah sanctuary in Otjiwarongo/Namibia.

Year: 2021
Producer: Untitled Editions/ENDANGERED
Duration: 4 Minutes

Trophy hunting: how it can protect Africa’s wildlife

Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world, but it can actually help to protect Africa’s endangered landscapes and wildlife. Taking this proven conservation tool off the table, with no viable alternative, puts millions of acres of habitat, the wildlife and the people living there, at risk. In the African countries, where hunting is properly managed, fees paid by visiting hunters from North America and Europe support entire communities, and contribute to biodiversity conservation. Livelihoods of rural Africans are enhanced, entire eco-systems are protected from conversion to industrial agriculture, and wildlife numbers thrive.

Year: 2021
Producer: The Economist
Duration: 15 1/2 Minutes

Conservation’s Latest Problem? Not Enough Hunters

No matter how you feel about hunting, it provides a lot of funding for state wildlife agencies. Now, fewer Americans are hunting, and that system is breaking down. The United States needs to find a new way to fund the preservation of America’s wilderness.

Year: 2018
Producer: Adam Cole & Ryan Kellman
Duration: 4 1/2 Minutes

Conservation Hunting (Tajikistan-2016)

Rolf D. Baldus has visited community-based wildlife conservation in Tajikistan. This movie is about a real conservation and local community Burgut (local traditional hunters from Alichur village, East Pamirs). The Conservation Hunting – is a conservation through sustainble use.

Year: 2020
Producer: Khalil Karimov
Duration: 7 Minutes

The last free rhinos Episode 3

The third episode takes you on a journey into the lives of community members residing in conservancies in the Erongo and Kunene region. You watch different wildlife species including the rhino and listen to the voices of rural wildlife custodians.

Year: 2021
Producer: Namibia Nature Foundation
Duration: 9 Minutes

Evolutionary wildlife research for conservation – our mission for the anthropocene

Leibniz-IZWwildlife researchers investigate the diversity of life histories, the mechanisms of evolutionary adaptations and their limits, including diseases, as well as the interrelations of wildlife with their environment and people. They use an interdisciplinary approach to conduct fundamental and applied research in close dialogue with the public and stakeholders.

Year: 2020
Producer: Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW)
Duration: 10 Minutes

Communication hubs of an asocial cat are the source of a human-carnivore conflict and key to its solution

Animated video abstract of the paper “Melzheimer J, Heinrich SK, Wasiolka B, Mueller R, Thalwitzer S, Palmegiani I, Weigold A, Portas R, Roeder R, Krofel M, Hofer H, Wachter B (2020): Communication hubs of an asocial cat are the source of a human-carnivore conflict and key to its solution. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.”

Year: 2020
Producer: Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW)
Duration: 3 Minutes