Himalayan Lynx Filmed Hunting Markhor in Pakistan for First Time

While filming a group of markhor grazing on the steep, rocky cliffs of Pakistan’s Chitral Valley, in the Tooshi-Shasha Wildlife Conservancy, the WWF-Pakistan field production team and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Dept. spotted a lynx crouching behind a rock, about to begin a stalk. What followed was a dramatic scene few have ever witnessed—a lynx killing a yearling markhor. 

Year: 2020
Producer: WWF-Pakistan/Nyal Mueenuddin
Duration: 61/2 mins

Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa 2015: Garth Owen-Smith

The Garth Owen-Smith was awarded the 2015 Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the restoration and conservation of wildlife in Namibia. This film is about the work of Garth and Margaret as the architects of community conservation and their combined efforts to position Namibia’s approach to conservation as a model to be revered and emulated across Africa.

Year: 2015
Producer: Tusk Trust
Duration: 4 mins

Peter Beard – A Wild Life

An intimate profile of the photographer and artist, whose career has documented Africa’s epic landscapes and indigenous species for nearly six decades. “It does the heart good to see what nature has made available to us,” Peter Beard says, “Nature is the best thing we’ve got.” In his delicate, ornate work, his passion for the natural world is evident, and his commitment to the protection of the environment unwavering.

Year: 2013
Producer: Derek Peck/Nowness
Duration: 5 mins

Garth Owen Smith

Garth Owen-Smith was a quiet rebel … he talks about a conservation model that empowered rural communities of Namibia to benefit from the natural world surrounding them, and his book “Arid Eden” (with subtitles)

Year: 2012
Producer: SABC-50/50
Duration: 81/2 mins

Garth Owen-Smith and Margaret Jacobsohn: 1993 Goldman Prize winners, Namibia

The Goldman Environmental Prize 1993 was awarded to Margaret Jacobsohn and Garth Owen Smith who demonstrated exceptional courage and commitment, often working at great risk to protect our environment. This film gives an overview on their early years in the remote reaches of Namibia

Year: 1993
Producer: Goldman Environmental Foundation
Duration: 4 mins

Migration Corridors: Connecting Wildlife and People of New Mexico

Big game must be able to move freely across the landscape at key times of the year to access nutritious food. New Mexico is in the early stages of mapping big game migration corridors between critical seasonal habitats with the most up-to-date GPS technology. In this film, scientists, sportsmen and women explain how migration route research will help guide policymakers as they make decisions about how to manage wildlife and human development.

Year: 2020
Producer: Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Duration: 8 mins

Cameras in West Africa Show Human Impact

University of Michigan wildlife ecologist Nyeema Harris and her team conducted a multi-year camera survey of West African wildlife in the W-Arly-Pendjari, or WAP complex. Deploying over a hundred motion triggered cameras, she discovered that poaching wasn’t the biggest human impact on wildlife, as she had assumed.

Year: 2019
Producer: U-M Applied Wildlife Ecology Lab
Duration: 3 mins

The Wildlife Conservation Project: Grizzly

A subsistence trapper, the recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s 2015 Conservationist of the Year Award, a member of the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, members of the Tahltan Nation, a wildlife photographer, and two hunters discuss the conflict between those who advocate unlimited protection of grizzlies, and those who suggest that limited sustainable use will promote grizzly recovery and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

Year: 2019
Producer: Tom Opre/Firesteel Films
Duration: 37 mins

The Conservation Experience – Bighorn Sheep Collaring South Dakota Badlands

On an icy morning in South Dakota a team of conservationists take to the air to find bighorn sheep in the Badlands. They capture some rams and ewes with the help of a net gun, take blood and nasal liquid samples, and finally radio collar and release them. Project funding provided by hunters dollars and the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Year: 2020
Producer: Ivan Carter/The Experience
Duration: 5 1/2 mins

Wildlife of Tajikistan

This no-comment video shows some amazing footage of the majestic Bukharan markhor and the elusive snow leopard roaming the wild mountain landscapes of Tajikistan

Year: 2019
Producer: Saidu Sayouhat
Duration: 4 mins