Waterfowl Fall Flight Analysis

2021 has been a unique drought year in the prairie pothole region. Get the latest updates on duck migration for the fall flight from Delta Waterfowl’s Dr. Frank Rohwer and John Devney. We all know that ducks love water. What’s good about drought years for ducks and their habitats? Several factors are explained on how wet and drought years impact hen survival, ducklings, and why some species do better than others with various conditions.

Year: 2021
Producer: Delta Waterfowl
Duration: 8 1/2 Minutes

Kiss the Ground Film Trailer

Discover a simple solution for climate change–the new, old approach to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world. The full-length film is streaming on Netflix!

Year: 2020
Producer: Big Picture Ranch
Duration: 2 1/2 Minutes

Stories of the Wild

This documentary presents the story of elephants, wildebeest, and lions as told through the visualization of data gathered from GPS collars used for research.

Year: 2021
Producer: Internet of Elephants
Duration: 5 Minutes

Wild Allies

For thousands of years, falconry has been central to the life and culture of Arabia. This documentary takes a look at the fascinating history of Arab falconry, from its origins in the desert to its prominence today and the conservation of the fierce and majestic falcons. It also tells the story of the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival where modern falconers compete in high-stakes, high-tech falcon races.

Year: 2021
Producer: Virtue Creative Agency
Duration: 47 Minutes

Faster Than The Wind

Three of Namibia’s most popular musical talents teamed up with Laurie Marker’s Cheetah Conservation Fund and Thomas Eddington’s ENDANGERED campaign for this inspirational music video. Filmed at the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s cheetah sanctuary in Otjiwarongo/Namibia.

Year: 2021
Producer: Untitled Editions/ENDANGERED
Duration: 4 Minutes

Trophy hunting: how it can protect Africa’s wildlife

Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world, but it can actually help to protect Africa’s endangered landscapes and wildlife. Taking this proven conservation tool off the table, with no viable alternative, puts millions of acres of habitat, the wildlife and the people living there, at risk. In the African countries, where hunting is properly managed, fees paid by visiting hunters from North America and Europe support entire communities, and contribute to biodiversity conservation. Livelihoods of rural Africans are enhanced, entire eco-systems are protected from conversion to industrial agriculture, and wildlife numbers thrive.

Year: 2021
Producer: The Economist
Duration: 15 1/2 Minutes