Traditional Ibex Shikar in Central Pamir

Two young girls from Austria meet rural people and traditional hunters in a remote village in the Parcham Conservancy of Tajikistan. This is the story of an authentic hunt, braving high winds, icy rain and snow in a spectacular landscape. After the hunt the villager invite them for a festive traditional meal.

Year: 2018
Producer: Khalil Karimov and H&CAT
Duration: 15 mins

Tajikistan: conservation hunting, local communities and wild harvest

Accompany an all-girl group of hunter-conservationists to the Pamirs in Tajikistan. Tribal elders, traditional hunters and young female rangers guide the American girls on a true Fair Chase hunt in rugged mountain landscapes. Wildlife-based livelihoods for local communities is key to survive in the harsh and remote environment and main motivation to protect habitat and wildlife.

Year: 2018
Producer: Khalil Karimov and Sports Affield
Duration: 7 mins

Opportunity for All — The Story of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation

Using stunning wildlife footage and vintage photos, Opportunity for All drives home how leaders like Teddy Roosevelt and regular citizens fought side by side to pass on the natural riches of North America. Discover how millions of outdoors people are keeping wild animals plentiful and join Shane Mahoney as he brings to life the revolutionary rescue of wildlife on this continent.

Year: 2015
Producer: Conservation Visions
Duration: 36 mins

The Wild Harvest Initiative® Explained by Shane Mahoney

Do you ever think about where your food comes from? How it was procured? Hunters and anglers know EXACTLY where their food comes from. While not everyone personally chooses to hunt or fish, Shane Mahoney suggests that these activities procure a significant amount of healthy, organic rich food. What would it cost to replace that protein source?

Year: 2017
Producer: Conservation Visions
Duration: 6 mins

Nakatuenita: Respect A documentary film about the Innu Nation of Labrador

The Innu Nation call the vast Nitassinan territory home. After resettlement in the middle of the 20th Century, the communities fell apart and into despair. Now the Innu are taking back control of their land, natural resources, government, schools, and social services.

Year: 2019
Producer: The Innu Nation & Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN)
Duration: 62 mins

Local Communities Conserve Their Environment, Support Their Economy

This animation video explores how local communities take action to conserve the natural environment they depend on. Focusing on the experiences of two communities, the Eastport Peninsula in Canada and Koh Pitak in Thailand, it highlights efforts to restore ecosystems, safeguard important natural areas, and diversify economies – making the environment and community livelihoods more sustainable for current and future generations.

Year: 2019
Producer: White Raven Consulting for the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN).
Duration: 4.5 mins

Africa begs Europe: let us hunt wildlife

There are wildlife winners in Africa and wildlife losers. The wildlife winners are the countries that promote hunting. The wildlife losers, where animals are being slaughtered to extinction, are the countries where hunting is banned. Charlie Jacoby talks to some of the big noises behind big game hunting in Africa, as they appeal to MEPs in the European Parliament to leave them alone.

Year: 2018
Producer: Fieldsports Britain
Duration: 6 mins

DRC Translocation 2019 – Wildlife Vets Namibia

Wildlife Vets Namibia translocated over 1200 animals from game farms in Namibia to the Parc de la Valée de la N’Sele game reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The 2019 operation included the capture of 205 animals, including waterbuck, blue wildebeest, eland, nyala and giraffe.

Year: 2019
Producer: Wildlife Vets Namibia
Duration: 8 mins