Elephant translocation – Wildlife Vets Namibia

In a joint operation between Wildlife Vets Namibia, Parc de la Valée de la N’Sele (DRC) and Mount Etjo Safaris (Namibia), a family of elephants has been translocated from Mount Etjo to the Parc de la Valée de la N’Sele in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Year: 2019
Producer: Wildlife Vets Namibia
Duration: 12 mins

Artenschutz mit dem Gewehr – Chancen und Risiken der Trophäenjagd (in German)

The hate-commentators in the net agree: Hunting is reprehensible, immoral and absolutely unnecessary. But is it really that easy? There are hunting projects that guarantee endangered species’ survival, like in Sango in southeastern Zimbabwe. There, habitat and wildlife protection is funded to 60 percent by hunting income. Now, Sango needed to cull or translocate elephants. Rifa, on the Zambezi River, had vacant land for the elephant resettlement. planet e. accompanies the operation and investigates the conservation benefits of hunting.

Video link: Artenschutz mit dem Gewehr – Chancen und Risiken der Trophäenjagd (in German)

Year: 2019
Producer: Sandra Theiß (ZDF)
Duration: 28 mins

Hunting for Wildlife Recovery

By making the conservation of wildlife habitat economically viable, generating revenue to fund anti-poaching efforts, and establishing critical income for local communities, hunting has proven to be an essential tool for wildlife conservation. These benefits help turn imperiled African wildlife from liabilities into assets as showcased the Mozambique’s Coutada 11.

Year: 2019
Producer: Property and Environment Research Center
Duration: 4.5 mins

The Wildlife Conservation Project: Value of Trophy Hunting

World renowned biologists Mark Boyce, Valerius Geist, Marco Festa-Bianchet unanimously state that banning hunting means abandoning wildlife, habitats and biodiversity, as well as sustainable livelihoods for communities across the continents.

Year: 2019
Producer: Tom Opre/Firesteel Films
Duration: 2.75 mins

Eye of the Pangolin. The search for an animal on the edge

This is the story of two men on a mission to share the wonder of all four species of African pangolin on camera for the first time ever. Follow their extraordinary journey to remote locations in Africa, from arid savannah to exotic jungles. Directed and narrated by Bruce Young, the film shows that the illegal wildlife trade to the east will ensure that pangolins disappear from the planet within the next 10-20 years, if we don’t do something now.

Year: 2019
Producer: Pangolin Africa NPC
Duration: 45 mins

Sustainable wildlife management in the Rupununi, Guyana

In the Rupununi of Guayana, sustainable wildlife management programs are implemented by the Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission in coordination with CIFOR. The project is co-funded by the European Union and the French Facility for Global Environment.

Year: 2019
Producer: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Duration: 5 mins

Asaph – A Guyanese hunter and wildlife conservationist

For Asaph, a traditional hunter and wildlife conservationist from Rupununi/Guyana, wildlife is an integral part of his culture and diet . The Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Program is working closely with Asaph and other stakeholders to improve the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife.

Year: 2019
Producer: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Duration: 2.5 mins