Custodians of Wilderness: Zambezi Delta

Mozambique’s Coutada 11 is a mixed landscape of swamp, flood plains, savanna, miombo woodlands and sand forests. In the early 1990s Zambeze Delta Safaris set out to rehabilitate this former paradise. The dramatic increase in wildlife populations in Coutada 11 shows that funds generated by hunting benefit biodiversity and local communities.

Year: 2017
Producer: Tim Martin
Duration: 30 mins

Custodians of Wilderness: Tanzania

Ca. 100,000 square miles of the Tanzanian wildlife estate lies outside formally protected areas. About 50 safari operators act as custodians of this vast wilderness. In this documentary they provide insight into their conservation work.

Year: 2016
Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 34 mins

Fate of the African Lion: Kenya

Kenya—home to a diverse range of wildlife and famous for wildlife reserves such as the East and West Tsavo National Park and the Maasai Mara—faces critical conservation issues outside formally protected areas. Three experts explain why Kenya is an excellent example of “protectionism in action”.

Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 30 mins

The Colorado Model

How Colorado sportsmen created a perpetuating media campaign to protect their state’s hunting and fishing heritage. This video helps starting pro-hunting campaigns wherever you live

Year: 2013
Producer: Nimrod Society
Duration: 10 mins

Be like Teddy

You can make a difference for wildlife conservation and how hunters are viewed by the non-hunting public. This short video shows you how to BE LIKE TEDDY!

Year: 2017
Producer: Nimrod Society
Duration: 3.5 mins

The Response

Non-hunters and hunters share a passion for wildlife. Whilst viewing wildlife through the nirvana-like bubble of national parks, the harsh realities are often forgotten: Professional hunter Paul Stones responds to an anti-hunter in this short clip.

Year: 2019
Producer: Safari Classics
Duration: 6 mins

Voices from the Frontline: Communities and Livelihoods in Botswana

Follow Jack Ramsden, a young cattle rancher from Maun, on a quest across Northern Botswana to document the effects of wildlife on communities and livelihoods. Jack engages with rural Batswana and numerous conservation experts. Listen to the rarely heard voices of people living on the conservation frontlines in this powerful film.

Year: 2019
Producer: Debbie Peake
Duration: 60 mins

QDMA’s Field to Fork Programm

QDMA’s Field to Fork is a food-focused hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds. See what it means to participate in a season-long mentored hunting program that teaches how to hunt and acquire a wild, healthy, local, sustainable source of food on yourr own.

Year: 2019
Producer: Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA)
Duration: 9 mins