Seasonal Wild Harvest – Stewed Venison Ossobuco with Tomatoes & Frascatelli

Rachel Owen and Wade Truong from Elevated Wild hunt, fish and forage in Virginia during the ebb and flow of seasons. This time, they describe how to turn sinewy shank meat into an amazingly tender and flavorful creation with distinct Italian roots, but applicable to game from wherever you are hunting.READ MORE

Remarks on the Opening of Squirrel Season in Virginia – A hunter’s awakenings

Stalking squirrels in the woods is the ideal way to introduce the inexperienced to the outdoors and hunting; it’s also an underrated challenge for seasoned hunters. This foundational activity has all the ingredients that make a wise hunter, and a brace of squirrels provide delicious fare for your table.READ MORE

Hunters And Their Wild Harvest

Hunters And Their Wild Harvest

For most of human history, and before large-scale farming, wild game made up a large portion of mankind’s diet. Until about 10,000 years ago, domesticated animals did not exist and, throughout the preceding millennia, our ancestors had but one option to obtain essential proteins: They had to hunt wild animals. Meat from wild game provided the proteins that made us human.READ MORE