A primer on key conservation terms & topics

Subsistence Hunting

Subsistence hunting means harvesting wildlife for survival. From Alaska to northern Canada and Europe (including Greenland, above) and in rural Africa, Asia and Oceania, many people still rely on wildlife for food, clothing, income and cultural identity.READ MORE

Keystone Species - Beaver

Keystone Species

A keystone species is an animal whose actions shape its ecosystem to the benefit of other species too. Without its keystone species, an ecosystem might not survive. Examples include:READ MORE

The American Bison

The American bison (pronounced “buy-son”) is the national mammal of the US. Bison and buffalo look alike, but buffalo are wild cattle native to Africa and Asia; bison are wild cattle native to Europe and North America.READ MORE

A Need For Speed

  • Able to run at nearly 60 mph, pronghorn outpace any North American land mammal.
  • Peregrine falcons stoop (dive) on prey at more than 200 mph.
  • The fastest mammal? Mexican free-tailed bats can fly at 100 mph.