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July 2020 – Vol. II, No. 3

Will We Conquer the Virus of Fear and Inertia, One Fine Day?


A professional hunter notes that the current pandemic harbors immense threats for wildlife and wild lands in Africa, and for those businesses with nature at their core. Are we able to seize the opportunities arising in the wake of COVID-19, to safeguard the remaining pockets of wild Africa and create a new understanding for conservationist hunting?READ MORE

Select Study: To Conserve Tigers and Prey in the Russian Far East


Conservation Frontlines introduces its first Select Study—a challenging American-Russian research project in support of predators, prey and rural communities in the remote wilderness of the Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve. The results will advance wildlife analysis across the world, especially in an era of climate change.READ MORE

Saving Wildlife—and People—One Snare at a Time


Three years ago, a filmmaker set out to document the attempt to restore a neglected Zambian game reserve and its people. Then he was drawn personally into this holistic approach to conservation, a combination of agriculture and aquaculture, micro-capitalism, female empowerment, primary education, wildlife biology, policing and sustainable hunting, all fueled by creativity, perseverance, generosity, teamwork and one family’s investment. READ MORE

How Many Leopards are in Namibia? Understanding the science, countering the critics


Dr. Louisa Richmond-Coggan completed a national leopard study in March 2019 after 18 months of collating and analyzing data from all over Namibia. This study was treated with extreme prejudice on social media even before it began, and detractors continue to question it now that her report is published. Are these criticisms valid? Is there any evidence that this study tried to overestimate leopard numbers or otherwise misrepresent the results to appease the hunting industry? READ MORE

“The Namibian Leopard: National Census & Sustainable Hunting Practices”


An overview of the Namibian leopard study—18 months of collecting, collating and analyzing data from all over the country, elaborated with the assistance of many people, institutions and organizations. Richmond-Coggan’s 184-page report gives stakeholders the factual and scientific basis for a sustainable leopard management system. READ MORE

An African Conservation Hero: Garth Owen-Smith


A brief look at the legacy of Garth Owen-Smith, a pioneer of the community conservancy movement, who died in April. His belief, passion and perseverance in conserving our natural environment and bringing communities to the forefront of conservation are obligations to us all. READ MORE

Book Review: Saving Species on Private Lands – Unlocking Incentives to Conserve Wildlife and Their Habitats

Lowell Baier and Christopher Spencer have given us a handbook of US programs, laws and regulations created to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations manage their lands for conservation. This new public-private paradigm builds on the century-old North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.READ MORE

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