A New Year, New Horizons

Yes, 2020 was awful. But I am optimistic that 2021 will see our lives and work eventually return to normal. Then again, who dares make predictions? Still, let’s focus on the future and new opportunities for conservation on all continents.READ MORE

The Achilles Heel of Conservation – There is a ceiling in conservation science, particularly in Africa.

Conservation is a global challenge and battle. Movements against climate change, plastic pollution and deforestation are on the rise. So too are ground-breaking research and futuristic interventions. And yet the natural world is still burning. Nowhere is this more evident than in Africa, and this is why.READ MORE

Science be Damned?

As more and more conspiracy theories dominate popular discourse on subjects ranging from conservation to COVID-19, a writer-naturalist explores some of the reasons why we frequently favor wild theories over solid facts.READ MORE

Trophy Hunting – A Complex Picture

Trophy hunting has become a divisive topic, but calls for an outright ban risk undermining the substantial contributions that well-managed hunting can make to conservation. So-called “smart bans”—which selectively target operators or even countries that fail to ensure hunting delivers meaningful conservation outcomes and benefits to rural communities—could help clean up an industry plagued by corruption and bad practices.READ MORE