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When Is It Time To Stop? - Peter Flack

When Is It Time To Stop?

I know no-one likes to think about it but, inevitably, we will all stop hunting sometime, either voluntarily or involuntarily. There are so many involuntary reasons I don’t want to even try and write about them but what about the voluntary reasons, the ones within your control?READ MORE

Keeping It Real With Lion In Niassa

Keeping It Real With Lion In Niassa

Let’s start with the first requirement of a successful lion hunt. You quickly need to master the art of both the “tsetse roll” and the “tsetse swot”. These are the only ways of permanently annihilating those unpleasant creatures that will drive you mad, whilst meandering in the October heat of Mozambique’s bush country.READ MORE

Remaking Hunting As Human

Florian Asche says in his article that “we share much with other predators, but we humans are the only beings on this planet who can apprehend and review hunting in a logical way. READ MORE