The Value of Hunting Stories for Conservation

Our desire to tell hunting stories is an instinct that sits deeply in us. Through stories we convey values, teach moral lessons, entertain, pass on family and cultural traditions and communicate tacit knowledge. Our stories form a piece of the larger conservation narrative.READ MORE

The Business of Conservation

On 25 November 2014, Paul Tudor Jones II delivered the second Andrew Carnegie Lecture at the University of Glasgow. Here are extracts of his lecture and observations. During a time of overheating controversy about the “right” approaches to conservation, his remarks focus on solutions, which are as valid today as they were five years ago.READ MORE

ProTECT Act Does Not “Protect” Endangered Species

The “Prohibiting Threatened and Endangered Creature Trophies Act of 2019” (H.R. 4804), also known as the ProTECT Act, and the “Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies Act” (H.R. 2245), or CECIL Act, are two recent legislative actions that are aimed at destroying the value of our science-based conservation funding model.READ MORE

Trophy Hunting and Conservation Science

Despite the irrational hatred for hunters on social media pages and the rhetorical hyperbole, real conservation deserves a fair understanding of the facts, or as Oscar Wilde said “The truth is rarely pure and never simple”.READ MORE

This Hunting Season, Thank a Private Landowner

This Hunting Season, Thank a Private Landowner

Montana’s private landowners—ranchers and farmers—provide key habitat for a variety of big game species, including elk, mule deer and pronghorn. If we overlook the importance of private landowners in conserving wildlife, we risk jeopardizing what we love.READ MORE