Selected Hunting Stories Past & Present

Andrews Roy Chapman1921Camps and trails in China; a narrative of exploration, adventure, and sport in little-known China
Caldwell Harry R.1924Blue Tiger
Hunter Samuel J1869The hunters’ and trappers’ illustrated historical guide, treating only of the wild animate nature of North America
Kennion R L1910Sport and life in the further Himalaya
Lyell Denis D1924The hunting & spoor of Central African game, with life-size illustrations of most of the game tracks
Millais John Guille1919Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O., capt. 25th Royal fusiliers … with 14 full-page illustrations by the author and 2 portraits
Mowbray Jay Henry1910Roosevelt’s marvelous exploits in the wilds of Africa, containing thrilling accounts of his killing liions, rhinoceroi and other ferocious beasts of the jungle.
Shields George O (Ed)1890The big game of North America. Its habits, habitats, haunts, and characteristics; how, when, and where to hunt it …
Stigand Chauncy Hugh1913Hunting the elephant in Africa, and other recollections of thirteen years’ wanderings
Von Koenigsmarck Hans1910The Markhor – Sport in Cashmere
Von Harling Gert2009Sie nannten ihn Bärenspieß: August von Spieß
Partovi, Ben2018Inspired
Biko'o A, Wardjomto M & DeGeorges P A2006Adventure with self-guided hunting in Cameroon
DeGeorges P A & Reilly B K2008Bongo in the Congo (in DeGeorges & Reilly: A critical evaluation of conservation and development in Sub-Saharan Africa)
Denker K U2014The king of the dry bushveld and the rugged hills
Ouattara Y & DeGeorges P A2007Self-Guided Hunting in Burkina Faso
Potgieter Gail2019To hunt or to poach? That is the question
Reichard Sean (Yellowstone Insider)2017Montana May Acquire 583 Acre Corridor for Yellowstone Elk, Other Wildlife
Guynup Sharon (National Geographic)2014A Concise History of Tiger Hunting in India
Vegter Ivo2016HUNTiNAMIBIA
Cronwright-Schreiner S C1925The migratory springbucks of South Africa (the trekbokke): also an essay on the ostrich and a letter descriptive of the Zambesi Falls
Roche Chris2002Fighting their battles o’er again’: the springbok Hunt in GraafT-Reinet, 1860-1908*
Roche Chris2005The Springbok … Drink the Rain’s Blood’: Indigenous Knowledge and Its Use in Environmental History – The Case of the /Xam and an Understanding of Springbok Treks
Avarett Sam (Modern Huntsman)2019My Old Man
Cunningham Christine2020A happy hunter’s photo on social media doesn’t always show the entire picture
Evans Jackson (Modern Huntsman)2019Hunting and the animal embrace
Leboe Riley (Modern Huntsman)2019Heed the Call
Lukiwski Jillian (Modern Huntsman)2020Eye of the beholder: Mysteries of the American sage steppe
Mahoney Shane (Modern Huntsman)2020Women, Hunting and Conservation