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Selected Hunting Stories Past & Present

Andrews Roy Chapman1921Camps and trails in China; a narrative of exploration, adventure, and sport in little-known China
Caldwell Harry R.1924Blue Tiger
Hunter Samuel J1869The hunters’ and trappers’ illustrated historical guide, treating only of the wild animate nature of North America
Kennion R L1910Sport and life in the further Himalaya
Lyell Denis D1924The hunting & spoor of Central African game, with life-size illustrations of most of the game tracks
Millais John Guille1919Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O., capt. 25th Royal fusiliers … with 14 full-page illustrations by the author and 2 portraits
Mowbray Jay Henry1910Roosevelt’s marvelous exploits in the wilds of Africa, containing thrilling accounts of his killing liions, rhinoceroi and other ferocious beasts of the jungle.
Shields George O (Ed)1890The big game of North America. Its habits, habitats, haunts, and characteristics; how, when, and where to hunt it …
Stigand Chauncy Hugh1913Hunting the elephant in Africa, and other recollections of thirteen years’ wanderings
Von Koenigsmarck Hans1910The Markhor – Sport in Cashmere
Von Harling Gert2009Sie nannten ihn Bärenspieß: August von Spieß
Partovi, Ben2018Inspired
Biko'o A, Wardjomto M & DeGeorges P A2006Adventure with self-guided hunting in Cameroon
DeGeorges P A & Reilly B K2008Bongo in the Congo (in DeGeorges & Reilly: A critical evaluation of conservation and development in Sub-Saharan Africa)
Denker K U2014The king of the dry bushveld and the rugged hills
Ouattara Y & DeGeorges P A2007Self-Guided Hunting in Burkina Faso
Potgieter Gail2019To hunt or to poach? That is the question
Reichard Sean (Yellowstone Insider)2017Montana May Acquire 583 Acre Corridor for Yellowstone Elk, Other Wildlife