What We Want To Achieve

We want to promote the conservation of wildlife and habitat. One of the most effective tools to help accomplish this is sustainable, properly managed hunting, which can only exist within a framework of ethical, legal and scientific codes. By demonstrating the value of hunting to conservation and to human principles, we can equip readers to advocate for the conservation hunting message. Hunting “ambassadors” lead by example, by word of mouth, by Social Media and every other communication tool available to them, both public and private.

The Conservation Frontlines newsroom and library offer thousands of peer-reviewed papers, news articles and opinion pieces from across the global conservation spectrum. This information can be used to build and foster the public image of hunting; to reinforce the intimate connections between hunting and the conservation of wild spaces and wildlife; and to engage with those who are not convinced of the benefits of sustainable hunting.

Together, we can replace perceptions with truth. Help us build powerful new coalitions. What could be more inspiring than the conservation of natural biodiversity on Earth’s still-vast tracts of wild land?


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