Conservation Frontlines is an editorially independent, not-for-profit newsroom that publishes a quarterly e-magazine and monthly news updates devoted to ethical hunting (both “utilitarian” and “recreational”) and modern conservation. CFL editors and authors offer independent thought, opinion and insight. We do not shy away from problematic or complex issues. Our writings are founded on ecological, social and economic data.

Conservation Frontlines is also a voice of the custodians of wild places and wildlife. In rural communities around the world, many people live to hunt and often still hunt to live. CFL values their traditional knowledge and their respect for the lands they inhabit and the wild animals they live with.

At CFL, hunters and non-hunters alike can explore the links between hunting and conservation. CFL believes that both groups must work together as allies, to preserve and sustain wild lands and wildlife. We aim to spur positive exchanges, and we will not play to noisy extremists on any side.

Conservation Frontlines seeks to spark conversations, shift perspectives and inspire new ideas.

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