For most of human history, and before large-scale farming, wild game made up a large portion of the diet or our forebears. Until about roughly 10,000 years ago, domesticated animals did not exist; people had no option but to hunt for wild game to satisfy their protein requirements.

Apparently, there are also health benefits in consuming wild fruits, plants and animals, and a hunting lifestyle is good for your health, since it provides the exercise to improve a myriad of health conditions.

Today, wild naturally sourced products of the land are rising stars in the culinary industry. Wild game is indeed the original fed-of-the-land, free-range, healthy and sustainable meat source. Harvesting meat or plant foods from the wild has an even lower impact than a vegan diet – and especially if the wild meat is sourced locally and if the soybean products come from clear-cuts of virgin forests on other continents.

Eating meat from hunted animals is probably the eco-friendliest and humane way to consume meat, and involves no abattoirs and only minimal stress to the animals. Many (older) game recipes suggest that steaks, casseroles and pies, or burgers and sausages are the best ways to serve wild meats. Forget that, and rather discover the whole new universe of the wild foods cuisine – come back to this page often to explore!

Artisanal Forest Cuisine in Nuremberg – Restaurant Waidwerk

Artisanal Forest Cuisine in Nuremberg – Restaurant Waidwerk

If your travels take you to the historic town of Nuremberg in southern Germany, the Restaurant Waidwerk is a good place to savor roe deer and other game from the own hunting grounds of Chef Valentin Rottner.READ MORE