Image: Frank van Manen, USGS

Grizzly bear status to be reviewed by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service. In response to petitions to remove grizzly bear from the endangered and threatened species list, the Service will review populations in the Northern Continental Divide and Greater Yellowstone ecosystems to determine if delisting from the Endangered Species Act may be warranted.

Elephant poaching correlated to socio-economic need, finds study across 30 African countries. Results indicate fewer poaching incidents where local communities are healthier and wealthier, demonstrating the importance of community-based conservation and sustainable development approaches to combat illegal wildlife killing. Read more via this National Geographic article.

New initiative to help manage wolf situations in Europe’s urban landscapes, states the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation. The LIFE WILD WOLF project lays out concrete actions across 8 countries to improve technical capacity and operating protocols for management of wolves in close proximity to humans.

Scientists are improving performance of predator reintroduction efforts, shows research on projects from around the world. Survival success after translocation has increased thanks to sourcing wild animals, allowing soft acclimation, open area releases. These results give optimism to future conservation of iconic carnivore species. Learn more on the Anthropocene.


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