Bison are back thanks to Native Nations. About 25,000 bison are now managed on tribal land in the United States. Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota alone can support 1,500 bison in the Wolakota Buffalo Range. However, much work remains to further restore American bison populations.

First Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Conservation Congress held in Namibia. Following the historic Africa Protected Areas Congress in 2022, this recent conference addressed critical issues of indigenous land rights and inclusion in wildlife conservation. The newly formed Alliance for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities for Conservation in Africa will represent voices from 43 countries in attendance.

Adaptive management reduces turtle dove harvest by 70%. EU Member States from the central and eastern flyway (Austria, Romania, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Greece, and Cyprus) have substantially reduced harvest by implementing quotas and bag limits, following recommendations from the European Commission. However, habitat restoration is still needed to recover dove populations.

Bhutan’s snow leopards increased almost 40% in 6 years, according to the World Wildlife Fund. These promising results from a new survey confirmed the presence of 134 snow leopards in Bhutan. Additional population assessments across the species’ range are still needed.


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