Colorado’s new mountain lion management plan addresses growing conflicts with the big cats. Overall, Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s goal is to maintain a stable population on the Eastern Slope as human development expands farther into Front Range habitat. There are about 3,800–4,400 mountain lions in Colorado statewide.

Herds of Land Cruisers spotted on safari. About 300,000 tourists visit Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve each year, supported by “catastrophic” growth of high-end safari camps. Wildlife can be besieged by photographic vehicles as animal overcrowding rules are weakly enforced. Click through this Wall Street Journal story to learn more.

European Parliament approves the Nature Restoration Law. The new law, passed in late February, aims to restore 20% of the European Union’s degraded land and sea by 2030 and all ecosystems in need by 2050. The European Council now must approve it; implementation will then depend on member states’ active habitat restoration plans.

Cambodia plans to revive its ‘functionally extinct’ tiger population by translocating four cats from India to the Tatai Wildlife Sanctuary this year. Tigers were last seen there on camera in 2007. Meanwhile, Nepal’s tiger recovery success has conservationists dealing with tigers that increasingly come in conflict with humans. Some 38 people died from tiger attacks in Nepal during 2019–2023.


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