How do we Fund Wildlife Conservation?

In North America, Europe, Southern Africa and parts of Asia, hunting—for meat, recreation, trophies—has been one of the principal drivers of conservation for the past century. If hunting declines, are there other means to incentivize and fund conservation?READ MORE

Community-Based Conservation in Pakistan– here, sustainability means ‘If it pays, it stays.’

Pakistan’s Himalayan ungulates—ibex, markhor, urial—and their natural predators are rebounding since the IUCN, the WWF and development groups created an incentive-based, locally managed conservation hunting program. The earned funds have also allowed villages to build infrastructure while a new environmental sensibility has reduced human-wildlife conflict. READ MORE

Silvio Calabi

An Update from the Editor

The Conservation Frontlines Foundation currently publishes two monthly bulletins: Frontline Dispatches, which is e-mailed on the first of each month; and, in the middle of each month, Conservation 101. Our long-form quarterly e-zine, Conservation Frontlines, is on hiatus, but back issues are available in our archive. We are also active on social media.READ MORE

It’s About the Future—Yours, Ours & Theirs

In January, more than 50 countries—the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People; in short, HAC—announced a bold commitment: That the Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biodiversity, scheduled for October in Kunming, China, agree to protect at least 30% of the planet’s lands and oceans by 2030. Science justifies this bold 30×30 target at the global and regional levels.READ MORE