Elephant Enhancement: Zimbabwe

The massive growth of elephant populations over the past 100 years from ca. 4,000 to over 83,000 led to massive habitat change and a loss of plant and animal species. This documentary shows the consequences of single resource decisions.

Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 4.4 mins

Effects of the Hunting Ban in Botswana

Prof Mbaiwa discusses the effects of the 2014 Botswana hunting ban. Safari hunting created 15 % of tourism revenues from only 1% of tourist arrivals; only 24.8% of the total safari hunting revenue was externalized – in photographic tourism 73% left the country. The hunting ban jeopardized livelihoods and community projects; rural people and and conservation lost out, and human-wildlife conflict and poaching increased.

Producer: Debbie Peake
Duration: 3.5 mins

Transfrontier Parks

This documentary explains the concepts of transfrontier parks and conservation areas (TFCAs). Community participations and sustainable use form major pillars in TFCA policies across seven transnational areas in southern Africa.

Year: 2018
Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 3 mins

Custodians of Wilderness: Sidinda Conservancy

The Tonga people who live in the Hwange-Sanyati Biodiversity Corridor along the Zambezi and Lake Kariba view safari hunting the best option to enhance livelihoods on their ancenstral lands. The Sidinda wildlife rehabilitation project is a joint initiative of the Tonga community and hunting operators

Year: 2019
Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 30 mins

Sabie Game Park Mozambique

Sabie Game Park in the Greater Lebombo Conservancy was, less than 2 decades ago, deprived of wildlife. Now it is a thriving safari hunting concession. Landowners engage with neighboring communities and organize anti-poaching. Learn more about their unique solutions.

Year: 2017
Producer: Tim Martin
Duration: 36 mins

The Tsavo Debacle

This short film explains the Stable Limit Cycle Hypothesis using the example of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. In the late 1960s Kenya authorities decided not to intervene based on three assumptions, which later proved to be wrong. With the onset of a catastrophic drought in the 1970s, throusands of elephant and hundreds of rhino died of starvation giving rise to the poaching pandemic in the years that followed.

Year: 2016
Producer: Zig Mackintosh
Duration: 3.5 mins